AllStar & MVP Guidelines

1. Only players registered and that have played in at least half of the regular season games will be eligible for all-star consideration.

2. Selected all stars that cannot participate due to injuries, conflicts with family vacation plans, etc. may be replaced by alternates. Alternate players may be appointed to the all-star list by the Board of Directors with a recommendation from the appropriate Division Representative and use of the ballots cast by the division coaches.

3. Each head coach will choose players from their own teams to form the two (2) all-star teams. Voting ballots are available to assist the coaches. Each team (blue team and gold team) will be made up of a maximum of (10) players each for all divisions. These games must adhere to regular season league WCYBL Standing Rules.

3. Each head coaches' selections for the all-star teams are to be written on the all-star ballot and must be turned or given verbally to a designated board member by the designated time. The ballot will give full details on how to vote and the number of selections for each coach per division based on the regular season record (not the playoff record). All-star ballots will be counted by that the board member and approved by the board of directors.

5. All-star player selection should be based on players' conduct, good sportsmanship and punctual attendance at practice and games. All stars are to be selected also on the basis of recognition of ability and performance during the regular season. The system of selecting the team is designed to be fair, representative and as objective as possible.

6. Gremlin All Star will be coached by hand selected by BOD.

7. In all other divisions, the head coaches from each division's 1st and 4th place teams will coach the blue all-star teams in each division. And the 2nd and 3rd place teams' head coaches will coach the gold all-star teams in each division. The 1st and 2nd place head coaches from each division will assume the role of head coach of each all-star team. The 3rd and 4th place head coaches from each division will assume the role of assistant coach of each all-star team.

8. If coaches decline the all-star coaching responsibilities, the two head and assistant coaches positions for each of the two teams in each division will be chosen by the Board of Directors, player agent, and/or the Division Representative based on experience, conduct and good sportsmanship during the regular season. (Bantam, Junior, and Senior divisions only)

9. The number of selections is based on the regular season seeding for play-offs.

1. MVP (most valuable player) awards are designated for the PeeWee, Bantam, Junior, and Senior divisions only.

2. Each coach must submit a total of five nominations.

3. Each coach will be limited to two nominations from his/her own team and the remaining three nominations from the rest of the division.

4. Nominations will be given (verbally or by ballot) to a designated board member.

5. Failure to comply or failure submit a total of five nominations will result in nominations made by the board of directors.

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