Uniforms & Equipment

1. Uniform numbers and colors will be chosen by the purchasing and equipment manager.

2. Uniforms will be issued when all fees are paid (no exceptions).

3. No uniforms will be worn prior to opening day.

4. Players must be in official uniform at all games.

5. If the player appears on the court out of uniform, the player will not be allowed to play (unless the League made a mistake in ordering the proper size and the Board has been requested to order the proper size).

6. Official uniform consists of matching jersey, shorts and proper shoes. The jersey must be tucked into shorts and the number must be clearly visible to officials. A color coordinated short sleeve undershirt can be worn, which must match the color of the jersey side being worn (not the trim). Wearing an undershirt is at the discretion of the coach or team manager.

7. Players on the game floor with any type of jewelry, hair ornaments, metal hair clip, or “baller bands” will be asked to remove the item in a timely manner or not be permitted to play in games until requested item is removed. Headbands and wrists band are allowed but not contain is derogatory or explicit sayings or markings.

8. Parents/legal guardians will pay for the cost of ordering any additional jersey or shorts for the following reasons:
• Lost jersey or shorts; or
• Change in original size ordered.
Uniform orders/corrections take approximately 2-3 weeks from order to delivery. The division representative will make every attempt to ensure that all players are able to participate.

9. Only last names or team names are allowed on the back of the game jersey; no nicknames. No other alterations can be made to the jersey or shorts.

10. Any team sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, etc. must include the league name or initials (WCYBL). It can be embroidered or silk screened. Since team sponsorship it not a league requirement this season, we ask that all teams cooperate and abide by league guidelines.

1. The team’s coaching staff or team manager is responsible for having emergency cards, consent form, and league first-aid kits available at all team functions--these items will be provided by the league.

2. Ice packs will be made available at the snack bar or can be purchased at local drug stores.

3. Each first-aid kit is packed with the essentials for practices and games.

4. The finance department is requiring a $10.00 deposit to ensure that each kit is returned at the end of the season. First-aid kits can be picked up at the snack bar. First-aid kits must be returned at Closing Ceremonies or your deposit will be kept.

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